Simulation-based Training Program

We Train Highly Skilled Specialists

Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) is a safe, effective, and affordable procedure to cure cataract blindness. It takes just a few minutes to perform and costs as little as US$50 (around HK$400).
The centerpiece of HelpMeSee’s strategy is a training program that focuses on training local surgeons who can provide sustainable care in developing countries.

Our approach includes a simulation-based training program that will allow rapid scaling-up of high-quality training in cataract surgery. Inspired by our founders’ success in simulation-based training for pilots, we are in the latter stages of development of the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator as part of an integrated learning system designed to support  the training of tens of thousands of cataract surgeons.
The benefits of simulation-based training include:
  • The ability for a surgeon to achieve a higher level of proficiency before completing the training in live surgery.
  • Trainees are able to learn from their mistakes.
  • Reduced risk to live patients.
  • Individual tasks can be accomplished as many times as necessary until the desired level of proficiency is achieved.
  • Objective performance review of each simulated surgery.
For the trainee and the instructor, the technology provides a realistic surgical experience. The HelpMeSee Simulation Training Program is intended to replace the traditional MSICS training which was primarily dependent  on accomplishing the training in live surgery.
Simulation-based training will prove to be a more effective methodology to train the large numbers of qualified surgeons needed to significatly reduce the number of blind people due to cataracts.