Uncle Zhang

Saving sight for a man who lost his vision but never gave up


Mr. Zhang Ying Xiang is a cheerful 73 years old gentleman. Despite all the hardships in his life, e.g. his wife’s death and children’s disease, he still lives his life fully and humbly. However, 5 years ago, he started to have blur vision and could not read his books. He could only see a few fuzzy images even he stood right in front of the television which made him very anxious.



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During the Jinghua Eye hospital screening programme in early 2016, he was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. According to his special situation, the hospital provided financial support and arranged a surgery for his left eye. He has restored vision in his left eye.



Post-op visit - 12月4日,高敏医生到病房内探望患者A。 (2).jpg




In early December, with the help of HelpMeSee and Jinghua Eye Hospital, Mr. Zhang has completed his right eye surgery. 


He was extremely excited to meet us and he showed sincere gratitude towards us. He said he would never forget our support and as a return would try his best to live happily and healthily. 


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Thanks to a grant from the Edwards Life Sciences Foundation and our donors, HelpMeSee supported the care of 30 individuals with cataracts in Jining City, Shandong Province, China.