Meet with Dr. Gao Weifeng

Our Everyday Hero



Dr. Gao Weifeng was born in an impoverished rural area of Shandong Province in China. His father was a teacher and his mother was a farmer. In the rural areas of China, academic success is the only way for children to change their destiny. So, Dr. Gao studied diligently and earned his way into college and medical school. Dr. Gao was determined to use his knowledge and medical skills to help the people from his community.


After his education, Dr. Gao returned to Jining, Shandong Province, to establish Jining Jinghua Eye Hospital. This new hospital meant that the people of Jining did not have to travel long distances to Beijing or Shanghai for high-quality treatment and the cost would be half what it was in large city hospitals.



Dedicated cataract surgeons like Dr. Gao are the key to helping the millions of people in China and around the world that needlessly suffer from cataract blindness. In developing world, number of well-trained cataract specialist is scarce. Because of the huge shortage of cataract surgeons available and aging population, backlog of cataract treatments continues to grow. Many more cataract patients will blind if condition does not get improved.  


Imagine what a difference Dr. Gao has made to the lives of so many! Elderly citizens have regained independence. Parents can return to work to support their families. Children go back to school and play.



HelpMeSee shares Dr. Gao's vision, a world where cataract blindness is no longer inevitable for so many. This dream will be realized in other countries as we expand our training programs and support the committed individuals who will have such a dramatic impact on the lives of their communities.  We need your support to make this difference. 


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