Angie P.

Positiv Wellness Founder







Quote from Miss. Angie P. :

"The connection with HelpMeSee is multifaceted. My dad has cataract and that brought attention about eye health and risks. Subsequently I have a student with total blindness in China who wanted to learn certain weightlifting movements with me. I was hesitant about doing a video class with someone who cannot see my demonstration in the beginning but he assured me that he's used to verbal instructions and would be able to train online. Eventually we did some classes together and I was totally touched by his determination and patience to learn despite the obstacles - from setting up the phone properly to accomplishing the workout with a barbell."


With HelpMeSee being a neighbor in Wanchai, it's just a perfect opportunity for Positiv Wellness to collaborate and do our share to help those in need. Besides having the donation box in our studio, we also did a charity fitness class with 100% proceeds benefiting the organisation. We look forward to more innovative ways to work together with the hope of bringing in more funds to help people see again."