HelpMeSee meets "The Love Jacket"


HelpMeSee x Wendy's Artroom 【The Love Jacket】Charity Campaign


Inspired by calligraphers around the world, local calligrapher Wendy Tang launched her ‘The Love Jacket’ charity campaign

in Hong Kong in September 2018. She hand-painted the jackets in different sizes and different design,

incorporating calligraphy and illustration elements.


Updates: HelpMeSee Hong Kong is honored to be selected as the solo charity beneficiary

of such a meaningful campaign starting from June 1st 2019.

Supporters can borrow the love jacket for a week for free by making a donation to HelpMeSee

within the event period.

Net proceeds of "The Love Jacket" charity campaign will support HelpMeSee's global campaigns

to end cataract blindness. 


47685861_1953723308264768_3992678748859138048_n.jpg  48243185_1953723338264765_1586986550401433600_n.jpg


To support 'The Love Jacket' charity campaign, you can:

Make a donation online 


Click here to download the donation form. 

About HelpMeSee:

HelpMeSee is a US-based, international nonprofit organisation making great strides every year toward our goal of eliminating cataract-caused vision loss and blindness. More than 100 million people suffer from cataracts,20 million bilaterally blind, 90 percent of them living in the developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America where we work -- countries where there may be just one ophthalmologist per million residents, or none.  In just the past six years, working with more than 300 surgery partners and community health professionals, HelpMeSee has developed readiness standards and tools for surgery practice including patient safety and quality outcome. This resulted in sight-restoring surgeries for more than 250,000 people who had otherwise no hope.At present, HelpMeSee is well on our way to introducing the leading edge, virtual-reality surgery simulator to train 30,000 cataract specialists, while simultaneously reducing the risks of surgery, and providing access to sight-saving cataract surgeries at a most affordable cost.

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About Wendy:

A Hong Kong based calligrapher, designer and artist.Wendy is a graduate of University of Hong Kong. She has worked as the brand PR for Shiseido and YSL Beaute before she turned into a full time calligrapher. Wendy has always been interested in arts, Music, calligraphy, painting, photography, graphic and visual design, an aptitude noted since an early age. She began to focus her efforts in calligraphy in 2013, practice, taking lessons and aMending master classes. To further improve her skills, she took a giant step, resigned from her managerial position with YSL Beaute, went to London to follow a World renowned calligrapher, Paul Antonio as a student, and then an intern. Her London days were spent in taking daily lessons, and assisting Paul in the teaching and daily operation of his studio.Back in Hong Kong in April 2016, Wendy is working full- time as a calligrapher and designer.

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Thank you for your support!


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