HelpMeSee x Bravera: Fitness with impact

HelpMeSee x Bravera: Fitness with impact


Have you thought about “fitness with impact” and how to turn something you love into tangible values for others?


HelpMeSee has an exciting news to share with all supporters, donors, partners and our beloved Hong Kong communities: HelpMeSee has recently launched a new fundraising challenge with the social fundraising platform Bravera! Through interactive activities, you can spread hope and love to the millions of cataract blind.  Run, hike or walk and raise funds to support our goal to train 30,000 of highly skilled cataract specialists to restore sight. 



Over 100 million people, mostly in the developing world, are blind or severely visually impaired because the do not have access to a cataract surgeon. Our mission is to change that through simulation-based training on cataract surgery using the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator.


You can participate in this challenge as an individual or invite your circle of friends. Set your own targets and work with us towards this goal of eliminating cataract blindness. 


Sign up and participate:


Thank you for supporting HelpMeSee. 

If you’d rather not join the challenge yourself, you can help by sharing this with your networks.