HelpMeSee x Asia Miles iRedeem



Now, through the "Asia Miles" iRedeem page, you can donate your frequent flyer miles to HelpMeSee. For every 8,200 points or more, you could support our global campaign to end cataract blindness, the leading cause of blindness worldwide! Your kind generosity will  help more cataract patients to see the light again! Act now!


Redeem 13500 miles, you can support cataract surgeries by supplying 3 intraocular lens for patients, enabling many more patients to see the world again, learn more


Redeem 9000 miles, you can provide 100 charity meals for villagers during on-site screening process, eliminating avoidable cataract blindness in remote areas, learn more


Redeem 8200 miles, you can support one community health worker for the patient outreach and enhance its efficiency, allowing rural villagers to have their sight restored through surgeries, learn more