HelpMeSee x A New Vision “ Snap the Vision” Charity Photo Exhibition Opening Ceremony Invitation


Cataract has caused more than 20 million people losing their vision worldwide.


In order to enhance the public awareness of cataract-blindness globally, HelpMeSee is going to launch the FIRST charity photo exhibition in Hong Kong to showcase the work of HelpMeSee as an International Charity Organisation fighting against cataract and share the joy of the cataract patients who could see again.


During the exhibition, one of the many 2016 Indonesian programmes will be exhibited. It was a collaboration with a Singapore Charity Organisation, A New Vision, a partner of HelpMeSee for Indonesia programme since 2015 which focuses their work on eye health awareness. All photos were taken by a passionate volunteer Singaporean photographer, Ms. Lee Siew Yian, who has dedicated herself to humanitarian work.


HelpMeSee Ambassador - Hong Kong Triathlon Athletes, Ms. Leanne Szeto, Mark Cheung, Managing Director of HelpMeSee and Effi Jono, founder of A New Vision will join together as special guests to launch the exhibition. We are honoured to have the energetic Busking Team Endless and talented students from Chemical Music to perform for us. They share their enthusiasm and positivity through their music.


HelpMeSee cordially invite you to join the opening ceremony of


“Snap the Vision” Charity Photo Exhibition



4th August, 2017 (Friday)




Covered Piazza, Ground Floor, Times Square, Causeway Bay


Miss Leanne Szeto, Mr. Mark Cheung, Ms. Effi Jono



The photographer--- Lee Siew Yian


has been working in a telecommunication company as a Global Account Manager for 14 years. She decided to quit her successful career and use her photography skills as a channel to give back to the community and to speak for the marginalised.


She started as a volunteer for A New Vision to take photos for its website after she quitted her job. She made good use of her photography skills to help create public awareness. She did not expect her documentary style photos and true stories would attract so much attention. Her friends were interested to find out more. They also became aware of cataract disease and curable blindness. Donations begin to pour in to support the cause, to help the poor and blind to see again.


Beyond taking photos, Siew Yian has initiated various humanitarian projects in Asia, including an emergency food distribution after a major earthquake in Nepal. She photographed the priceless moments of the beneficiaries’ expressions when they regained their visions, and deployed social media to create awareness on curable blindness in hope to inspire more to contribute to the cause.


HelpMeSee Ambassador --- Leanne Szeto


is a Triathlon Athletes since she was 14. She joined Hong Kong Junior Triathlon Squad and came at 8th place in The 2014 Incheon Asian Games. She was also the Female Winner in The TNF100 2017 earlier this year, as well as the first runner-up of Female Half Marathon Challenge in The Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon. In recent years, she participated in different sports events around the world, including different charity runs. She is also a running instructor. Being a big lover of the colour pink, she is called “Pink Big Brother” by her friends.


HelpMeSee appointed Leanne as the Ambassador in April 2017, aiming to raise the public awareness of ending cataract blindness worldwide together. Leanne wishes to help more cataract patients receive proper treatment, so that they can restore their vision and be able to pursue their own dreams. She is also keen to inspire more people to be aware of the cataract blindness problem and encourage them to join HelpMeSee to ignite hopes to the beneficiaries.


About HelpMeSee

HelpMeSee, headquartered in New York, USA, is an international charitable organisation which is committed to ending cataract blindness, the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Established in June 2016, HelpMeSee Hong Kong is served as the liaison office in the Asia Pacific region, aiming at raising public awareness on the mission and vision of the organisation, through corporate partnership, street fundraising and educational events.

With a focus on surgical training, we are determined to make sure those with greatest need can get the help. Since 2012, HelpMeSee has partnered with 303 surgeons and provided over 256,000 sight-restoring surgeries across over 10 countries, including India, China, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, Indonesia and Vietnam etc. HelpMeSee restored the sight for a cataract patient every 11 minutes.

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About A New Vision

A New Vision is a young non-profit organisation which is formed and run by a band of volunteers. 100% of the donation goes towards sight restoring projects in Indonesia. A New Vision has been a partner of HelpMeSee for Indonesia programme since 2015 and completed over 2,800 vision recovery surgeries to alleviate the problem of local surgery backlog.