Corporate Participation

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At HelpMeSee, we value our corporate partners’ commitment to social responsibility. We aim to understand each company’s philanthropic goals and provide customised opportunities to engage their resources in restoring sight to millions needlessly suffering from preventable blindness.

Corporations play a vital role in deepening the reach and impact of our work. When you partner with HelpMeSee, you partner with communities on a local level connecting governments, healthcare systems and non-profit organisations together to deliver sustainable solutions to better care and access to treatment in developing countries.


There are several ways to get your company involved with HelpMeSee: donate gifts, provide pro bono services, match your employee’s contributions, sponsor a HelpMeSee event, host an awareness day at your office or make a monetoary contribution to one of our programmes around the world.

Corporate Gifts

Giving to align business, corporate social responsibilities and geographic priorities

Cause Marketing

Enhance your brand and maximise your corporate reputation while helping restore sight all over the world

Workplace Giving

Engage and inspire your employees to give by matching their donation
For more information, please contact our Corporate Relation Department at 37920773 or email to