HelpMeSee Hong Kong office opening

HelpMeSee has now opened an office in Hong Kong to establish and enhance its presence within the Asia-Pacific region. The Hong Kong office will focus on raising public awareness in Hong Kong and funds to support HelpMeSee training programmes and surgeries in the programme countries.


The Hong Kong office will be led by Mark Cheung where he will be responsible for fundraising efforts and lead partnerships with foundations and corporations committed to ending cataract blindness in Asia and worldwide.


“Mark brings years of successful non-profit leadership to our team. His experience and energy will play a crucial role in our growth within Hong Kong and across East Asia,” said Jacob Mohan Thazhathu, President & CEO of HelpMeSee.


HelpMeSee Hong Kong will conduct various marketing campaigns to raise public awareness on HelpMeSee’s mission as well as the impact of cataracts bring to families and communities in the programme countries.


“We are determined to raise public awareness and fundraise in HK to support cataract surgeries in developing countries. We look to engage with individuals, corporations, foundations and other donors to end cataract blindness worldwide,” said Mark Cheung, Managing Director of HelpMeSee Hong Kong.


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