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Leishan County of Guizhou Province is located in the south-west of the south-eastern Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. The population of the county is about 160,000. Over 90% of the population are minority and more than 80% are Miao. In China, the poverty line is set at per capita income of RMB2,300 per year. According to this indicator, Leishan has a poverty population of 46,000, accounting for one-quarter of the total population, which makes it one of the poorest counties and needs a generous amount of support from the state (*Source: Public information of Government of People's Republic of China, PRC).


In Guizhou Province, the number of cataract surgery per million population in 2017(CSR)# is low with only 1,440 cases*, having dropped lower than Tibet, Sichuan and some other places but also far below the national average CSR value. (Around 2205 *). (*Source: The official website of Blindness Prevention and Treatment of China,


According to a rough estimate from the Ophthalmology Department of Leishan People's Hospital, the existing cataract patients in Leishan may have accumulated to more than 7,500 people. In addition, according to the epidemiological statistics, the demand of cataract surgeries is around 1,000 to 1,500 cases per year. As people age, chronic diseases occur more frequently, and the accumulation of Leishan's cataract patients in direct proportion to the lack of skilled ophthalmologists will soar, pressuring Leishan People's Hospital, the only hospital in the community, to perform cataract surgery.


In order to help the cataract patients in Leishan to regain their sight, HelpMeSee has collaborated with “Bright Eye Project" of the Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University.  The project will move forward with the Ophthalmology Department of Leishan People's Hospital carrying out the first phase of poverty-alleviation and blindness-prevention schemes. Beginning July 2018, 100 urgent cataract patients in Leishan will be provided free cataract surgery, allowing them to restore their sight and regain life. Hoping to benefit more poverty communities in Leishan, the tripartite cooperation also includes services of eye disease screening, cataract knowledge education, promotion of eye health education, patient visits, and other anti-blind work.


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#The cataract surgery rate (CSR) per million population, is a major indicator of cataract prevention and the level of eye health in a country or region. The figure represents the number of cataract surgeries performed per million population every year.