Beneficiaries helped by HelpMeSee in Shandong, China


There are 1,830 people in Mahai Village, Yandian Town in the Yinzhou District of Jining City. Out of the 370 elderly people over the age of 60, 87 of the elderly people are living in poor conditions. 


On 10th March 2018, HelpMeSee’s team returned to Mahai Village and visited three patients: the couple, Zhou Zhongzhu and Chen Shulan, and Ma Guangfu.

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Born in 1946, Ma Guangfu is a 71-year-old male patient who relied on his country for housing. Two years ago, the township government built several houses for him. Ma Guangfu had been suffering from bilateral cataracts for almost five years. In the darkness, he could only walk and cook. The old man's greatest wish was to have his vision restored so that he could achieve independence. However, because the poor old man had no savings or children to take care of him, the desire for recovery could only remain in his heart. 


Zhou Zhongzhu and Chen Shulan are an elderly couple. Zhou Zhongzhu is a male patient who was born in 1936, and Chen Shulan is a female patient who was born in 1939.  


The couple was ill and on their own for a long time, having no children to look after them and receiving very little support from the government. In order to have a bit of extra income to assuage some of their financial problems, the poor couple sold disposable bottles and cartons while living under their neighbor’s roof. Due to cataracts, both elders lost their abilities to work. At times, they could barely see the trash they were scavenging from. Clearly, the couple could not sustain themselves in these conditions.


Partnered with HelpMeSee and with the support of the local government, Jinghua Eye Hospital of Jining Medical College carried out a two-day promotion and screening campaign for cataracts in the Mahai Village. The Jinghua Eye Hospital specially sent their medical staff to the patient’s home and drove the patient to the hospital for treatment.  


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Many ardent villagers also came to help. With the help of medical staff and villagers, the doctor conducted a detailed examination for the three elderly patients. The doctor found that Ma Guangfu had cataracts in both eyes. The patient’s right eye could not be treated due to corneal lesions, but Ma Guangfu’s left eye required immediate cataract surgery.


The patient, Zhou Zhongzhu, had poor vision and hazy fundus in both eyes. His wife, Chen Shulan, had high myopia and cataracts, especially her right eye which needed immediate cataract surgery.


In the course of a day, Dean of Jinghua Eye Hospital, Mr. Cheng Chin-min, performed cataract surgeries for these elderly individuals. In order to help restore vision to patients, HelpMeSee provided financial support for their surgeries.


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Seeing the happy smiles of the elderly patients after surgery and their regaining healthy vision, the medical team of Mr. Cheng Chin-min and our HelpMeSee team were all encouraged and inspired by the successful operations.