World Sight Day 2016

Every morning we wake up and see the world as we know it. We go through our usual routine and head off into another day. For most of us it means a trip to another day.


Today is World Sight Day, celebrating the unique gift of sight. It's the reason we can travel into the outdoors and explore new places no one else has ever been.It's why we hike out to watch a sunset at the end of a long day, or gaze into the night sky for hours to spot a shooting star.


Try this: imagine your most vivid childhood memory. Now imagine it again if you hadn't been able to see. For 20 million people blinded by cataracts, thats not a bad dream, it's every day.Imagine if you had cataracts. You can't read or write because everything is a blur, and even leaving home can be dangerous.


But there's hope! Cataracts can be cured by a low-cost, effective treatment. HelpMeSee is training surgeons around the world to restore sight.