HelpMeSee is the global campaign to end cataract blindness, the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Through partnerships with hundreds of surgeons in nearly a dozen countries, along with cutting-edge technology and training, we are building a sustainable solution to this health crisis.
How Are We Different?


Locally sustainable health solutions are the center of our campaign, and the only way to provide the ongoing care that is needed to end cataract blindness is by increasing the number of local specialists. That’s why we place an emphasis on training and empowering local partners.



We have worked closely with medical professionals on the ground to standardise the quality of care, the medical supply chain and evaluation practices to create a replicable model for eye care worldwide. Thanks in part to the revolution in mobile and cloud-based technologies, we can deploy our outreach and monitoring tools to partners in any part of the world and see results in real time.



The challenges to end cataract blindness are numerous – too few surgeons, low patient awareness, limited access to quality instruments and facilities. As a result, HelpMeSee focuses on a comprehensive solution to cataract blindness, one that includes surgical training, patient outreach, and delivery of sight-restoring cataract procedures. Our technology-driven solutions address every dimension of this global challenge.