About HelpMeSee

HelpMeSee is a US-based, international nonprofit organisation making great strides every year toward our goal of eliminating cataract-caused vision loss and blindness. More than 100 million people suffer from cataracts,20 million bilaterally blind, 90 percent of them living in the developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America where we work -- countries where there may be just one ophthalmologist per million residents, or none.


In just the past six years, working with more than 300 surgery partners and community health professionals, HelpMeSee has developed readiness standards and tools for surgery practice including patient safety and quality outcome. This resulted in sight-restoring surgeries for more than 250,000 people who had otherwise no hope.


At present, HelpMeSee is well on our way to introducing the leading edge, virtual-reality surgery simulator to train 30,000 cataract specialists, while simultaneously reducing the risks of surgery, and providing access to sight-saving cataract surgeries at a most affordable cost.



HelpMeSee's sustainable approach to eliminate cataract blindness: