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HelpMeSee is an Non Profit Organization(NGO) in Hong Kong, eliminating cataract blindness. Through partnerships with surgeons, along with technology and training, we are building a sustainable solution to this crisis.

Fundraising For Non-Profit Organizations

There are many important things to do to run a nonprofit organization hong kong

Or charity organization, but one of the most important things is being able to collect donations. There are many different ways of collecting donations, most of them very traditional like canisters placed on store countertops, different pass the hat activities, checks received from donors responding to print ads, television, or radio commercials, corporate fund raisers, mail campaigns, and some other similar ways of collecting donations.

Although all of those above-mentioned methods of collecting donations still work, they can't be compared in effectiveness and ease of use to collecting donations online. Web donations are the way to collect donations nowadays, and most of the biggest nonprofit and charity organizations know about that very well, and they use it very successfully.

Build A Nonprofit Website

Of course to get web donations your NGO HK needs to have a nonprofit website, which is quite easy and not expensive nowadays. They will supply you with the nonprofit website template or design a website specifically to the requirements of your organization. They will build a website for you, including creating a nice logo of your organization if you still don't have one. Such a website won't be like any other ordinary website. The website will come together with the availability of posting videos and audios. You might also have a blog with your website, which is a very good and easy method of keeping in touch with your website's visitors.

But the most important thing for your nonprofit organization hong kong will be that accepting donations online will be incorporated into your website. There are two methods of incorporating online payments on the website:

-You can have an account with a merchant that will accept payments from credit and/or debit cards.

-You can have an account and ability to accept funds from electronic cash clearing houses.

Either of those methods is fine, and it will give people who come to your website the chance to pay quickly and without any hassles, like going to the bank or the post office. It will also be very easy, and it will save you time, being able to quickly and easily withdraw the money whenever necessary.

Nowadays nobody wants to bother with other methods of sending money. People are too busy to go to banks and post offices, and they expect from nonprofit organization hong kong to have a website and to accept donations online.

Collect Donations Online

It is also very important to successfully collect donations online to let people know about such a possibility. You should place the "donate" button in the most visible place of your web pages, and probably on every page of your website, so people won't miss the info that you accept donations online. Of course, you must also inspire people to donate to your nonprofit organization's noble causes, and the content of your website must do it.

How Often You Will Need To Raise Funds

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is how often you will need to raise funds. It is going to be an ongoing activity or is it going to be an annual event. With in-depth market research and careful planning of the activities, the picture should be clear. If you have a ready plan of activities and the goals you want to achieve for about three to five years raising the money and having enough money to achieve your set goals will be easy. If everything is documented, then it will help you in deciding what worked and what didn't. It will also show you where you can cut the cost and how many volunteers you need for such an event.