Restoring Sight to Women Worldwide


Fiftytwo year old Taradevi from Hansi, India has five children — three daughters and two sons. For the past three years she has suffered a visual impairment due to cataracts. Her husband is handicapped, so her older son serves as her caretaker when he is not working as a milkman. Along with one son, one daughter, her brother and sister-in-law, the family lives in a small brick home with three cows in a courtyard outside.


Taradevi’s family had one wish. They wanted her to be able to see again. Since her vision started to decline Taradevia had become withdrawn. She wasn’t the bright cheery mother, wife and friend that she had always been.


Taradevi family had no history of cataracts, but finally persuaded her to visit a local doctor.


Taradevi 3.jpg

Ophthalmologists from HelpMeSee’s partner hospital in New Delhi test Taradevi’s sight at an outreach camp.


Taradevi’s son took her on a motorbike for patient screening at an outreach camp two kilometres from their home. At first she was scared and concerned that the attention in the clinic was proof that her condition was something rare and incurable. But the medical officers and assistants explained that she had a cataract which could be treated at Venu Eye Institute in New Delhi.


Taradevi joined dozens of other patients who went to New Delhi for surgery. They traveled the five hours by bus as a group on the same day as the clinic, the costs covered at no expense to the patients.

 Taradevi 4.jpg


The next day, Taradevi underwent a Manual Small Incision Cataracy Surgery (MSICS) to remove her cataract and restore her sight. Doctors at Venu installed an intraocular (IOL) lens and tested her vision after the surgery. Taradevi’s post-op results were entered into HelpMeSee’s Chrome app for patient records to validate the successful results of her surgery and to track her vision improvement over time.

Taradevi 2.jpg

Taradevi at home with her family one week after cataract surgery.


After an evening recovering in the patient ward Taradevi packed her things, picked up her medicines and received a get-well card from a HelpMeSee donor. Taradevi traveled back to Hansi with several neighbors who also received cataract surgeries.


A week later Taradevi’s dayto-day life had improved.


“My mother is very, very good,” said her daughter Sunita with a smile.