Muhammad Hikalana

Little Muhammad's story


Muhammad Hikalana, from Indonesia, is only 20 months old. He is the youngest in his family, with a brother.





Muhammad's parents Andri Weijaya and Elawati realised their son may have vision problem when he wouldn’t reach out for his toys.  His mother Elawati tries her best to take care of Muhammad, playing games and speaking to him throughout the day.  Because of her care, Muhammad appears otherwise to be a bright and active child, but without good vision his parents worried about his future.


Soon they discovered a treatment that can cure their son's visual impairment - cataract surgery - but they cannot afford the cost. Muhammad’s father Andri runs a motorbike repair shop near their home, earning about $20 USD per month on average. With this level of income, they could not afford the cataract surgery for their son.


But thanks to the generosity of HelpMeSee's supporters, Muhammad received sight-restoring treatment. His cataract surgery was a success, and with his vision restored Muhammad has a bright future ahead of him.