HelpMeSee “The Truth of Cataract: Q&A” Raising awareness to the worldwide cataract blindness problem







【Press Release】2017.10.12


In support of “World Sight Day” on 12th October, HelpMeSee Hong Kong will go live on its official Facebook page, during which HelpMeSee Hong Kong Eye Care Ambassador, Dr. Justin Tong, will take questions about cataract from audience. In addition, HelpMeSee Hong Kong also designed a special profile picture frame to share with its fans, delivering the message of “With your help, I can see now”

Currently, over 100 million people in the world have severe vision loss due to cataract. To cataract patients, they have to live in a nightmare every day. They do not only lose their childhood memories, as they can barely see things clearly, let alone read or write, they may even be in danger when they go outside. Their life is full of challenges and difficulties. HelpMeSee hopes to tell all those who are suffering from this plight that there is still hope and cataract can be cured with inexpensive but effective surgery treatment.

To people with normal vision, they can see the world once they wake up like they always do every day. Day by day, year by year, it is just normal to them. Yet, there are worrying trends of more people and increasing number of young people suffering from cataract. It is like a time bomb which may affect everyone’s daily life.

As such, HelpMeSee targets at promoting the message of preventing and curing cataract through the activities of “World Sight Day”, hoping that more people can understand that “prevention is better than cure”. Even some unfortunate ones may suffer from cataract, they need not to be terrified as cataract is not incurable. Meanwhile, HelpMeSee would also like to take this opportunity to raise awareness to the cataract problem in developing countries, helping cataract patients from these places get the opportunity to receive surgery and restore their vision.

If you are interested in this activity, from now on until 10th October, you can send us questions about cataract on HelpMeSee Hong Kong Facebook page or via email. You are also welcomed to leave comments during the live broadcast session, during which Dr. Tong will take your questions one by one.


For enquiries: (852) 3792 0774     Contact person: Ms. Flora Ip, Marketing and Communication


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About World Sight Day

World Sight Day is a global charity event organised by World Health Organisation and International Agency for Prevention of Blindness, in the hope of raising public awareness to preventing blindness and to the problem of visual impairment. World Sight Day 2017 is on 12th October, 2017 and this year’s slogan is “Make Vision Count”.



About Dr. Justin Tong, HelpMeSee Hong Kong Eye Care Ambassador

Dr. Tong, a Hong Kong Specialist in Ophthalmology, is devoted to charitable work. He volunteered in a Children Surgery Centre in Cambodia, teaching local ophthalmologists how to perform surgery for children.



About HelpMeSee

HelpMeSee, headquartered in New York, USA, is an international charitable organisation which is committed to ending cataract blindness, the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Established in June 2016, HelpMeSee Hong Kong is served as the liaison office in the Asia Pacific region, aiming at raising public awareness on the mission and vision of the Organisation, through corporate partnership, street fundraising and educational events.

With a focus on surgical training, we are determined to make sure those with greatest needs can receive support. Since 2012, HelpMeSee has partnered with 304 surgeons and provided over 256,000 sight-restoring surgeries across over 10 countries, including India, China, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. HelpMeSee restored the sight of a cataract patient every 11 minutes.

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