MD Greetings

I am honoured and excited to be leading the HelpMeSee Hong Kong team at this important time. I look forward to establishing and growing the Hong Kong team to end blindness caused by cataract worldwide.


Cataract is by far the leading cause of blindness, making up 51% of all cases globally. In many countries in the developing world,  65% of all treatable blindness is caused by cataract. These people including many children could see in as little as 5 minutes for an adult and 15 minutes for a child if they had access to treatment in their communities. The high quality procedure is called Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) and it is very inexpensive. 


HelpMeSee’s goal is to train 30,000 cataract specialists so every community of 250,000 population has access to well trained specialists who deliver low cost, high quality Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) to millions of adults and children throughout the developing world. Such a massive training effort, can only be accomplished using innovative training systems. HelpMeSee is using many of the same training methods so successfully employed in training airline pilots, namely high fidelity simulators and sophisticated courseware. Simulators allow specialists to be trained  quicker and better without endangering patients as they learn and practice all aspects of the MSICS procedure. In addition,  we partner with hundreds of highly skilled MSICS surgeons and supported over 250,000 sight-restoring surgeries across 10 countries.


HelpMeSee Hong Kong fully supports the organisation’s goal by seeking generous support from corporations, individuals, foundations and other donors. Through corporate partnerships, individual monthly donations and other promotional events, we aim to raise the public’s awareness on the severity of the cataract suffering throughout the developing world, particularly in China. By adopting a social enterprise model, HelpMeSee’s mission is designed to be self sustaining in ending  cataract  blindness first then treating cataract visual impairment early.  Our cloud-based smartphone  Reach Applications and single use surgical kits are both cutting edge.


Our achievements over the years would not have been possible if not for the passion of HelpMeSee colleagues and there is plenty more for us to do. We need the continuous support of the public in order to eliminate blindness caused by untreated cataract. People need not stay blind from cataract. With your help, they can be cured!